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The Augmented Intelligence platform that helps founders become better entrepreneurs

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Unlock your potential  

Discover the way to predictable revenue growth and increased agility

Better guidance

Why wander aimlessly when you can follow a roadmap? With blueprints of entrepreneurial journeys and step-by-step instructions, Founderhyve helps teams execute and grow faster than ever.

Higher confidence

Take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship. Founderhyve employs a structured and proven approach to building a business that has been tested with over 150 startups and large enterprises.

Smarter tools

Meet Evy, Founderhyve's conversational virtual coach. Evy uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn and evolve with every interaction, and can both answer and pose questions to help your team stay on track.

Get inspired  

They realised their entrepreneurial ambition with Founderhyve

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Move faster  

With a rich collection of projects, journeys, paths, templates, guides and playbooks the answers and entrepreneurial expertise you seek are a click away


Working on multiple ideas, or A/B testing your current business model? Use one or more projects to manage them all under one roof.


Encountering roadblocks or complex challenges? Follow preset journeys to execute faster and avoid business critical mistakes.


Looking for a specific tool? Work interactively with an increasing number of lean startup templates including the Lean(er) Canvas, Customer Personas, the Value Proposition Canvas and many more.


From creating a landing page to crafting a 5-year financial plan, our Guides provide step-by-step instructions for every aspect of your business.


Need to build a project proposal or a sales manual? Our Playbooks offer insights and templates for these crucial areas.


Looking for an OKR, RACI, or Risk Template? We've got you covered with our extensive template library.

Evy by Founderhyve

Evy, the Virtual Coach  

Evy uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn and evolve with every interaction within a project, and can use this knowledge to both provide context-specific answers, and pose project-relevant questions to help your team stay on track.

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